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Without Them, We’d Be Stumbling in the Dark

For people who are less theater-minded, the role of lighting might not be as obvious as an actor or writer, but in a festival like 14/48, it’s an essential challenge. Lighting designer Lily McLeod has helped with 14/48’s lighting before, but she’s still considered a virgin on the design team. She explained that lighting is especially important in a festival like 14/48. “When you’re so limited in the set, she said, “Lighting is world building.” The color, intensity and quality […]

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Tech has come with a very silly hat and a lot of hashtags

The matching Scottish accents of this morning have been traded for matching plaid skirts in tonight’s second play. The play also has gained a large hat with an even larger feather and bird noises are being added to the right spots.

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Live from Tech Rehearsal

Week One of 14/48 Nordo Food Theatre Thunderdome opens in less than 24 hours! Tonight the entire cast and crew is hard at work at Nordo’s Culinarium in Pioneer Square making sure the show tomorrow is as good as it can be.   Each of the 4 shows is getting a tech rehearsal where the directors and crew work out how to coordinate the actors, lights, live band, and the added component of time to serve each course of the […]

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