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Feeding an army

If the virgins were amazed by how many people it took to make 14/48 happen, they might be even more surprised by how much food it takes to feed them. This weekend, Jessica Stepka and Alber Sucupira are the kitchen leads. Earlier this week, they met to try to figure out how to keep the staff, artists and volunteers fed for the entire weekend. That means breakfast, lunch, dinner, and of course, snacks, for people who won’t leave the college […]

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Hot Kitchen Staff – Part 3

Of course, the original title of this was Hot Chicken Staff as there are steaming, aromatic trays of fried chicken sitting by them and the smell was overwhelming my wordplay.  I took a delightful interlude to hang with the ever hot and fun kitchen staff including Marty Mukhalian, Jessica Stepka and Jim Jewell. The food is constant here as running around this giant space trying to pull the Magic together.  We’ve still got some Unfinished Business.  I’ve got a date […]

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Salute to the Hot Kitchen Staff – Part 2

Mrowr Ladies. MROWR!  They work so hard rolling food up and down, up and down throughout the building.  Setting up tasty tasty food for everyone.

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