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Late Afternoon Rehearsals

Plays might be any number of places in late afternoon rehearsals.

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The two-hander is theater slang for a play with two people. 14/48 always has one two-hander and it’s infamous for having the hardest roles. Then actors only have 24-hours to learn half the lines in a 10 minute play (as opposed to a 4 or 5 person play where you might only have half as much). You also only have one person to play off of, so you have to hope you get good matches for the draw since there’s […]

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Fake fur, a dagger, and the most profane t-shirt we can find.

Mid-morning has turned into afternoon and everyone’s prepping for Tech to start at 3:25.

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Reasons My Play Is Too Long…

Deciding who gets to write for which course is serious business. So obviously we decided it with a game: Category, Category, Die. The writers were asked to each list something in the category “Reasons My Play is Too Long.” If you paused too long or repeated you were out. The winner got first draw to learn which course would be theirs. Without further ado, here’s the writer’s list of reasons their play might be too long: Tiny font Monologues 18 […]

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3 p.m. Directors Meeting

“The gunshot is going to come from the Band.” “One of my Actors is underneath a pile of clothes.” “We have a bench and a door, but everything else will be carried on and off.” The Directors, the Stage Managers and the Crew all come together to start fitting all these pieces together into one cohesive whole.  Everyone goes around the table and talks through all their tech needs, their light cues, any difficult bits (blood on the stage). The […]

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