Partner Projects

Building community has always been part of 14/48’s mission. Our Partner Projects allow us to work with and support members of our artistic community. We piloted this program in late 2013 by partnering with our first project, B-Sides & Rarities, to help us develop the framework for supporting artists, and have continued to find opportunities to steward the dreams of our community.

Have you ever chased your dreams, seen them come to life, and then spectacularly explode? We’re helping Gregory Award-winning playwright Rachel Atkins bring the true story of Ardeo Theatre Project to life.

B-Sides & Rarities
Regular cabarets featuring theatre, music, poetry and more from the dark and bluesy side of stuff we like. Christmas: B-Sides & Rarities started it all. Produced by Jim Jewell, Paul Shipp, and Joe Zavadil.

Saturday Morning Cartoons
This year, B-Sides decides to branch out and produce work for families. Playwrights wrote plays with their kids inspired by cartoons, and the result was a sold out run. They are planning another round for April 2015.

Jennifer Jasper’s “Etymology”
This is the best story we can tell about Partner Projects. A damn fine writer asked for some help making more of a little play she wrote for us. You have to read what happened next.