Other Cities

The 14/48 Projects are dedicated to creating a supportive environment for radical artistic collaboration. The 14/48 Festival presents original works of the highest quality while forging new connections between artists and artistic disciplines. We have produced this festival for sold-out audiences for over 15 years, and would love to share our expertise, insight, and brand with you.

We’ve already helped launch 14/48: Leicester, 14/48: Austin, 14/48: Wolverhampton, and 14/48: London!

We’re not going to pretend that you couldn’t do an “instant theater festival” on your own; in fact, there have been artists who, after participating in 14/48, did just that. Why shouldn’t you? The easiest answer from our perspective is that taking an idea from another artist and claiming it as your own sucks. Don’t be that guy.

The more compelling question is why you should work with us. The 14/48 Projects have been at it longer and do it better than anybody else. Our process has been refined under fire year after year. And, we have developed an incredible network of support and recognition, with a Seattle Mayor’s Arts Award and a long history of successful producing partnerships.

If you are interested in developing 14/48 in your community, we’ll bring you out to Seattle to participate in on of our festivals and then provide you all the assistance you need to launch a successful fest in your town. Call upon our wealth of history and experience and you can to relax and enjoy the ride. If you want to learn the secrets of suceess – to build a festival of your very own and. at the same time, become the part of a greater community of radical theater artists, contact our Executive Director Shawn Belyea.

Do it once, and you’ll be sold for life.