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The dilemma of the writer: Do I overwrite my stage directions to create the clearest picture, or underwrite them so the director and actors can make the piece their own with less suggestion? Polishing my final draft right now. I can’t wait to see the costumes. Doug Willott- Writing play #1.

Play # 1: research mode

There’s almost nothing I can tell you about this play that won’t give the entire thing away. But what I can tell you is that it’s fairly research heavy. I’ve mostly been reading and watching stuff on YouTube so far. Still on page 1. I know where it’s going…but…it’s going to take me a while to get there. We will get there. Doubtful that sleep will happen. Coffee is pretty great right now. Ok…back at it. – Celene

Ohhhhhh SNAPPPPP!!!!

The inspiration for the play I’m about to write is thanks to: 1.) Tequila2.) Annette Auger Those two elements were key in the discovery of the idea this evening. That is all I say for now… – Celene “Hey look I’m blogging when I should be writing a script” Ramadan

Playwright update: Jim Jewell part 2

Email received 2:52 AM. Staring at the clock and watching the minutes tick away. Frankly convinced that this completed play I have in front of me is too weird, dark and offensive to actually convey what I’d like it to, and so the process began anew at 2:30. 21 minutes later, and I’ve got nuthin’, I tell ya.

Playwright Update: And now a little something from Erin Stewart

Email from Erin Stewart, 1448 Playwright. Received at 12:59 AM I am 3 pages down, 3 to go. My head hurts. Thinking is hard. I don’t know where this play is heading or how it will get there. Last night I was afraid because i finished really early. So the fact that I’m only half done at 1 is fine…right? Maybe it was my diet of Slurpee and Fritos that got me through last night. I am Miss Procrastination, USA. […]

We’re just getting started, kids.

Writer notes from Jim Jewell, 1448 Playwright. Email received 11:51 PM. I heard from my director that they had a rough day, but the hard work paid off to my mind and I was very happy with the result. The best thing about the actors and directors ballsy enough to tackle 14/48 is how much better at this than I really am they make me look.But, no good deed goes unpunished. Goddamned theme. This gig would be so fun without […]

Letters from the middle of the night – part deux

I asked the playwrights to email me in the middle of the night, in the middle of the process or when they were done, to let me know how it had gone (reminder: the theme is Liquor is Quicker) 12:48am – Paul Mullin is done. He says it has no comedy in it at all. (We’ll see.) “I had it mapped out by the time the bus dropped me off in Green Lake. It’s so obvious in retrospect. We all […]

Letters from the middle of the night

I asked the writers (the writers I managed to track down!) to email me during the night and let me know how it all went. Or how it was going. 10:00pm – Jerry Kraft emails from Edmonds to say that he thought about his two men and one woman on the drive up and “now I need to settle on exactly what the threat is, and to whom, and what has to be done to neutralize it.” 1:00am – Celene […]

Talk to me, writers

My heart is with the writers. It always is. In some ways the entire festival is about the writers – they create stories overnight. In other ways, the weekend belongs to everyone but the writers. For instance, every non-writer at the Artists Meeting is chatting and laughing – they’re a little nervous, sure. But they’re having fun. The writers, on the other hand, normally confident, gregarious people, are not having fun. They pace. They glare. They clench their jaws. They […]