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When I stopped in at rehearsal for Ghostlight by Wayne Rawley, directed by Corey McDaniel, they were talking about what kind of songs needed to be in and lead in to the play. What are some death songs? The director knew he wanted “the theme from Ghost,” yes, the romantic scene between Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze. “Unchained Melody,” indeed. This play is going to have a lot going on, even more than Patrick Swayze (RIP). There’s a bloody body onstage, lots of […]

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Weekend One: Friday Night Line-Up for “Saved By the Bell” (including Actor Draw)

A Civil Discourse by Courtney Meaker Directed by Cole Hornaday Featuring: Kevin Bordi Kelly Johnson Anette Auger Jordi Montes BBBuhbuhbuhB by Julia Griffin Directed by Charlotte Bond Featuring: Ayo Tushinde Laurel Ryan Val Brunetto Long Playing Record by Darian Lindle Directed by Kathryn Stewart Featuring: Alex Samuels (Mazen) Zoey Cane Belyea Almost by Lindsay Carpenter Directed by Katjana Vadeboncoer Featuring: Mike Gilson Peter Dylan O’Connor Eric Mulholland Kacey Shiflet Erin Bednarz Hold Your Peace by Mike Murphy Directed by Corey McDaniel […]

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Saturday Night Breakdown – Playwrights, Breakdown and Show Order

Show #1Kelleen Conway-Blanchard1 Male 3 Females Show #2Wayne Rawley2 Males 1 Female Show #3Matt Smith (not the improv guy – the Balagan Guy)2 Females Show #4Jonah Von Spreecken3 Males 2 Females Show #5Elizabeth Heffron1 Male 3 Females Show #6Brandon J. Simmons (he had show #6 friday, too.  Hmmmmmmm.)2 Male 1 Female Show #7Celene Ramadan (who is watching the 10:30pm show right now!  Ah, youth….)3 Male 2 Females Writers, feel free to get stuff off your chest while you go.  It […]