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Virgin Experience

What is it like to be a first timer in 14/48? Let’s ask a few: Sara Trowbridge: “It’s fantastic to be around so much creative energy and all the people who are here to support you and make it easy.’ “It’s a little stressful. And I am really enjoying it. The frenetic pace is tough, and it is really conducive to creating great things.” Tricia Beigh: “I am lot more tired than I thought I was going to be. Physically, […]

and there’s a troll

Virgin Designer Katie Driscoll gave me some challenging words to use in my blog posts this weekend.  I’ve already managed to use rhododendron (our state flower), shower curtain and now I can use poop (sort of).  I am not going to tell you which play this is from.  You’ll have to come out tonight to find out for yourself but this is a line from one of the plays tonight.  “I have to shit too.” Meanwhile, Erin Pike is looking […]

torsion and wet panties

Dear Diary, We have reached that place of torsion that happens in the theatre.  Everything is coming together but only through an immense amount of hard work, cooperation and details, details, details. I feel a little diffuse while everyone else is extremely focused.  I see women on stage with dresses as red as a rhododendron on Mother’s Day.  There are a lot of women in this show, eighteen of them, in fact.  There is a play about Goddesses called “The […]

devil. details. underwear.

Talking with Virgin Design Team member Doug Willott about costumes, details, and underwear.

from the danger zone

A little behind the scenes in the danger zone of the shop.  People are always trying to keep me away from power tools (for good reason).  Fortunately, there are people who know how to use them because they make cool things like TELEPHONE BOOTHS IN ONE DAY and magical balloon-laden glitter portals like this one featured in John Farrage’s play Kings last night: Photo by Joe Iano Photography I am DYING to see what they come up with tonight!  Come […]

Three Characters In Search of an Author

This is Ian Bell’s second night working on play by Dave Clapper, which will once again go into slot #3: My Cat from Hell. A band member stop by just as we’re talking about trading blow jobs for a tech element of the play. Go figure. Ian hums a showbiz closing riff that he wants to close the show and is met with a blank stare. I’m confident the band will figure it out, even without the exchange of sexual […]

Hanging out with Goddesses

The costumer is visiting the rehearsal for Play #1 The Ceremony by Kate Jaeger so the room is full of partly naked ladies. Linda Clemon-Karp tells Jillian Vashro, “Oh, I would totally fall in love with you in that.” They talk about bras, digress to some girl talk about breastfeeding and bra size, and eventually decide that they characters will be dressed up, but wearing tennis shoes, to be removed in preparation of a ritual. I haven’t heard a word of the […]

at the intersection of altruism and misanthropy

These are the guys that are feeding us.  Just before dinner last night, they were utterly exhausted and still rallying to bring food.  This crew is hungry and more food was needed so plans were made to rush out and get more.  They made sure there were plenty of vegetables, tofu for the vegans and a bit of comfort food for everyone.  It was hot and the ice kept miraculously appearing in the bowl and the coolers. They were back […]

a little sticky the morning after

Dear Diary, I woke up disheveled and a little sore and sticky this morning.  I feel more vulnerable and somehow more grown up all at the same time. I’m not a virgin anymore.  None of us are.  We’re all a little disheveled and wearing little, secrets smiles.  It’s Pride weekend and the vibe of many of the plays last night had that resonance.  There was a feeling of not holding back and of letting things out of the closet.  I […]

wrong in the most delicious way

Dear Diary, I have so much to tell you.  I saw so many things tonight.  So many wrong things (but wrong in the most delicious way) and so many wonders!   My crush from earlier has been replaced by the newly crowned Drag Queen from Play #7. I’m a little wiped out but I decided I have to stay for the next show which starts in 20 minutes.  I had a nice chat with Jodi-Paul a few minutes and go tell […]