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lurking in play # 4

Dear Diary, I was given permission to lurk.  I didn’t want to creep out my new crush too much so I wandered away from the band and over to the rehearsal room for play #4, written by Jennifer Jasper and featuring Rob MacGregor, David Nail, Caitlin Francis and Hannah Schnabel and directed by Julia Griffin. I hear something about “breastfeeding on the left tittie”.   (The blocking is hilarious on this!) I also just heard the director say, “You know, she […]

dear diary, i have a crush on this guy…

the band revs up Dear Diary, I have a huge crush on this guy named Tim Moore and will do anything he tells me, including making my blog posts like diary entries.  😉 Tim is here helping out the band as they warm up and get going.  I’m seeing singers doing vocal warm ups and hearing tuning going on.  I hear C, D, G, E, C, D, G, E…while the strings play along. The sheer variety of music they are […]


We know the theme, the beer is flowing and the Virgins are ready.  Here is a little peek: The fabulous Rebecca M. Davis tells us about how she’s “technically” a Virgin: Our humble Mazen award winner, Roy Stanton, tells us about how he’s feeling: Never been to a show?  Come out and be a virgin audience member tomorrow and Saturday  8:00 and 10:30

that’s the sound of my hymen breaking

I’m sitting here at the Erickson watching Shawn Belyea setting up the playground to make sure it’s safe for the hard games to come. Right now, the virgins, or “fresh meat” are all being introduced and rushed along. Seeing all the faces peeking out to say hello and watching the beer get sloshed onto the stage is like seeing an enormous piñata of goodness spilling out and creating excitement. As I sit here trying to listen and type, I feel […]

48 Hours to Go / Virgin Fear / Holy Fear / Amen

Ever wondered what it’s like participating as a Virgin actor in 14/48?  Leave it to Paul Mullin, veteran playwright Virgin actor in this week’s 14/48 to describe it personally and perfectly. Click the link to read Holy Fear by Paul Mullin See you in 48 hours…  Click here to make sure we see you.