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a cold beer on a hot day

I talked earlier about the things that fuel 14/48 but forgot to mention the beer because I don’t drink it.  It must be mentioned.  The tapping of the keg is an important part of the tradition.  I asked steering committee member Peter Dylan O’Connor to explain it much better than I could. because, beer

devil. details. underwear.

Talking with Virgin Design Team member Doug Willott about costumes, details, and underwear.

from the danger zone

A little behind the scenes in the danger zone of the shop.  People are always trying to keep me away from power tools (for good reason).  Fortunately, there are people who know how to use them because they make cool things like TELEPHONE BOOTHS IN ONE DAY and magical balloon-laden glitter portals like this one featured in John Farrage’s play Kings last night: Photo by Joe Iano Photography I am DYING to see what they come up with tonight!  Come […]


We know the theme, the beer is flowing and the Virgins are ready.  Here is a little peek: The fabulous Rebecca M. Davis tells us about how she’s “technically” a Virgin: Our humble Mazen award winner, Roy Stanton, tells us about how he’s feeling: Never been to a show?  Come out and be a virgin audience member tomorrow and Saturday  8:00 and 10:30