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TECH – Expecting Bobby (or Nicole) by Joy McCullough Carranza

Gary Menendez did it… he made Tyrone’s wall. Will probably take a forklift to bring it on and off stage, but Tyrone got his wall. Alex Samuels has rang the dinner bell and the artists are beginning to gather in the staff room. 5:20… I told Brandon Whitehead that I was hitting a wall. He laughed and replied, “You? No one has sympathy for you.” Apparently I’m turning into Charlie Brown. Good grief.


MOWERY: We need a baseball glove… and some baseballs and Barbies. MENENDEZ: I think there’s some baseballs and Barbies in there. TIM HYLAND: Baseballs and Barbies? MOWERY: They throw them… the baseballs and the Barbies. MENENDEZ: Tyrone wants a wall with a flat screen TV on it… and a door… I told him we couldn’t do the door. For those of you following at home, yesterday Tyrone had a ground plan for his show which consisted of a living room, […]

Good Morning Seattle

Your friendly neighborhood blogger, Jordan Rosin reporting for duty. As I sit in the meeting space, digesting my delicious french toast breakfast (thank you Alex Samuels), I thought I’d share with you a few things I’ve heard, and a few of the things I’ve learned thus far at 14/48. Overheard at Breakfast “Thank goodness for whoever brought the Emergen-C.” Tammi Doyle Learned “No internal cues at all” are a 14/48 stage manager’s favorite words to hear. (Tyrone Brown obviously knows […]

TECH – Wichita by Scot Augustson

4:08 and the first show finished their tech run. The design team did a freakin’ fantastic job of creating a hotel room which can be struck in a matter of seconds… go designers! As I type this the band is running the segue song and Tyrone Brown (director for show 2) is surveying the scene. Morgan Rowe looks ready to pounce, leaning against the railing while wearing her birthday party hat. On to tech of show 2…

The In-Between Time

Daniel Arreola, Morgan Rowe, and Lisa Viertel rehearsing for PLAY TWO: Taxi by Dawson Nichols, directed by Tyrone Brown. The time is 2:39pm. The directors’ meeting is in 21 minutes. The first performance is in 5 hours, 21 minutes. Once again, we have arrived at that strange part of the day, right after lunch, just before the directors meet where no one knows exactly what to do. Here in the Bullitt Cabaret where I have presently positioned myself, Tyrone Brown […]

Building a House

I sat in on a conversation designer Ahren Buhmann was having with director Tyrone Brown. Tyrone drew out his ground plan and indicated where the kitchen, living room and bedroom would be… the various playing areas in his piece. He then asked for a swimming pool and a 2 car garage. In the upstairs level, Paul Mullin and Nicole Boyer Cochran said their play is TOP SECRET. What!? Top secret!? I had to know more and, after Paul called me […]

Director Thoughts.

I decided to try and find all the directors to get some insights from them.  Most were very busy but they were all very willing to talk to me.  I asked them to tell me (in one word) how they were feeling right at that moment and also one word to describe their show.  Here you go. Show #1: “Inanimacy” directed by M. Elizabeth Eller Feeling: Hopeful Show: Fucktastic Show #2: “Funerals” directed by Mik Kuhlman Feeling: Great Show: Sweet […]

Lessons Learned

Here are some things I have learned this weekend: MJ Sieber (playwright) doesn’t ever sleep.   Stage Managers need pants with pockets. Ryan Higgins (actor) is very flexible. Beer is better cold. Alyssa Keene (band) knows how to play a lot of different instruments.   There are so many people willing to do thankless jobs just for the chance to be involved in this festival. Salo (band) cuts his sandwiched into quarters and doesn’t eat the crusts. Even people in […]