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Loud noises…

PLAY 2 “Dude looks like a lady… you’ll know what I mean later.” – Lisa Viertel (ACTOR) PLAY 3 “Pull the audience into this world by finding the stillness… finding the danger of this world and how we can live in it.” – Carol Roscoe (DIRECTOR) PLAY 5 “Word to your mother.” – Troy Fischnaller (ACTOR) PLAY 6 “I think we should do an improv game.” – John Farrage (DIRECTOR) FROM THE STAFF ROOM “Good thing I’m not tired because […]

TECH – Cafeteria Blossoms by Celene Ramadan

5:45 – Teching show number six… As I walked to the theatre, sipping on my Big K Cola, I passed by show #1 rehearsing. In an amazing exhibit of multi-tasking, Troy Fischnaller managed to flick me off while rehearsing his play. The man seeks to amaze. Upon entering the theatre, Cafeteria Blossoms was getting set to start. Tina LaPadula was standing at the top of the steps holding her tray of mashed potatoes with ketchup and trying to keep her […]

Ho, ho, ho…

John Farrage just entered the staff room with a large bag filled with goodies. Troy Fischnaller informed John that he has a bag with a severed head in it. To this John replied, “No, we’re killing a baby. I think we’re good.”


SLOOP: Troy, can you describe to me the show you’re in today? TROY: It’s good. It’s a Scot Augustson play and it’s very good. The show is about three strangers who get stuck at an airport and must share a hotel room together. SLOOP: I overheard you telling Carol (Roscoe) that you would not be wearing a clown outfit when you enter. What was this about? TROY: Yes, I was just assuring Carol that I would not be wearing a […]


“GOOD MORNING 14/48!” – This entry is for Peggy Gannon (14/48 VET) and all those working today At this moment: * 14/48 steering members are running around town picking up food and such * Playwrights are putting the final touches on their masterpieces * Troy Fischnaller is at his morning yoga class getting ready for the day ahead * I’m about to slap some patchouli on and then hop a public bus down town

One last night cap…

Before I go and dream of flying goldfish and a talking whale named Gus, I leave you with a few more memorable quotes and moments from the evening… * Mazen Winner Elizabeth Heffron drew the final show for night one – 3 Men, 2 Women * “Andy Jensen is drawing for Paul Mullin.” –Shawn Belyea (followed by a delightful chorus of boos which is the only appropriate response if someone is unable to attend the meeting.) * In the above […]

Looking back on what was…

I wandered into the 14/48 meeting shortly after 8:15, craving a free beer served by a virgin and hoping the “ten minute” run down was almost over. To my satisfaction, I would get both.Shawn Belyea was on the DIRECTOR portion of his high speed, bullet point presentation when I took my seat. “YES!” I yelled within the canyon between my brain lobes, “They’re almost done!”Almost done and I didn’t miss the most heartfelt piece (presentation of the Mazen) and the […]