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Play #7 – A Tale of Two Cindys

Writer: Scot Augustson Dir: Pamala Mijatov Cast: Trick Danneker, Doug Deans, Danielle Daggerty, Tricia Beigh, Imogen Love Overheard in the rehearsal room: ‘I left my phone in the bathroom, and had to go all the way back’ ‘I’m going to try to stop saying the word ‘cunt’’ ‘You’re going to stand up at some point, AND you’re going to lean forward at some point’ “Hard blocking…’ ‘Drunk Ballet? Well, I am sure it has happened’ ‘Are we taking it from… […]

There Will be (not as much) Blood

“We need a Seahawks blanket”, said one of the designers. “There should be no problem finding one of those this weekend”, said everyone else at the table. “Yes, but will people be willing to lend it to us?” Anthony Winkler directs Trick Danneker and Jesica Avellone along with the rest of the cast.Photo: Agastya Kohli “There is no blood in this show – shouldn’t be a problem!” Gary Menendez declared in a reference to the “Blood and Corpse” Saturday night […]

Select Pictures from Friday Performance

Here are some fantastic shots by our photographer extraordinaire Joe Iano from Friday night’s performances. Jodi-Paul Wooster greeting the audience.Photo: Joe Iano Action shot – that is baby on the bounce back, with skull wide open and brainon the floor.Photo: Joe Iano Chris Ensweiler in Spidy suit and Trick Hulking it up.Photo: Joe Iano Max does his magic on the sound boardPhoto: Joe Iano Amanda Lee Williams rides the dune worms as LeiaPhoto: Joe Iano Andrew Murray, Charles Smith and […]