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Play #5 – The Spring of Hope

Writer: Jessica Chisum Dir: Kelly Kitchens Cast: Stuart Reid, Tim Moore, Jason Sharp, Kristy Munro Overheard in the rehearsal room: ‘Are we talking as we are walking?’ ‘Maybe it’s some sort of hand shakey bit – like a hand jive!’ ‘You know better than to sit down in this cold’ ‘There is a shitty little cot mattress in the dressing room, and the only reason I know is because I used it to dry my hands’ ‘Oh yes! Hello Band!’  

dear diary, i have a crush on this guy…

the band revs up Dear Diary, I have a huge crush on this guy named Tim Moore and will do anything he tells me, including making my blog posts like diary entries.  😉 Tim is here helping out the band as they warm up and get going.  I’m seeing singers doing vocal warm ups and hearing tuning going on.  I hear C, D, G, E, C, D, G, E…while the strings play along. The sheer variety of music they are […]

The Band!

In order of appearance: Rob Witmer: Clarinet, Accordion et al.;Dave Pascal: Keys and Bass Guitar; Alan Echison, Drums; Tim Moore, Bandleader, Vocals, Harmonica; Alyssa Keene, vocals; Eric Lane Barnes: Keys, percussion, et al (not pictured yet.)