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Play #1 – Touch Me I’m Sick

Writer: Joe Zavadil Dir: Neil Reading Cast: Rachel Delmar, Trei J. Lazzara, Jodi Paul Wooster Overheard in the rehearsal room: ‘Use your words’ ‘I’m sucking down the red bull and vodka’ ‘Instead of avoiding it, I’m gonna get these two shit faced and bang them’ ‘You need to say something dude, so we all have the permission to fuck off’ ‘It’s semi implied, but it isn’t actually brought home till then’ ‘Oh my god!!! How am I going to remember […]

Three Characters In Search of an Author

This is Ian Bell’s second night working on play by Dave Clapper, which will once again go into slot #3: My Cat from Hell. A band member stop by just as we’re talking about trading blow jobs for a tech element of the play. Go figure. Ian hums a showbiz closing riff that he wants to close the show and is met with a blank stare. I’m confident the band will figure it out, even without the exchange of sexual […]

The Most Important Friday Picture Post

This is by far the most important and impressive picture from all day yesterday. Period. Blogger 1 of 2 (Teri Lazzara) and Blogger 2 of 2 (Agastya Kohli)Photo: Joe Iano

Michael Mowery in the Morning!

Our 14/48 TD extraordinaire, Michael Mowery slept in my guest room.  Yes he did.  Can I get a “meow?”

Blogger Update

A blog update about blogger 1 of 2 (a.k.a. Teri Lazzara). Teri LazzaraPhoto: Agastya Kohli Teri is operating on higher than normal TEC (Teri Energy Coefficient), and for those of you who know what normal TEC is – we’re all in for a special treat! Stay tuned – she’s got some amazing blogs and videos in the works! Happy Saturday!