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The Last 7:00pm Meeting in January 2010

If you’ve been following the festival for awhile, you should know the War Cry of 14/48: Artist Liaison: 8 o’clock show? All: OPENING NIGHT ENERGY!!! Artist Liaison: 10:30 show? All:  CLOSING NIGHT ENERGY!!!! Artist Liaison:  If you think you’re talking too loud? All:  SPEAK UP Artist Liaison: and if you start feeling tired? All:  RAISE THE FUCKING STAKES!!!!! Therese Henning, owner of the Seattle Body Bar, is providing massages for artists through the 8pm show. Tech was a real bitch […]

Last minute tweaks

Let’s not forget the tech crew and designers.  Some brief pictures by Andy J to show a tidbit of all the different designs that need to be created in just… one more hour. Gary Menendez Creating Stability New Godmother Katie Hanson Michael Mowrey picking up something heavy Director David Bennett putting the final touches on a magic clock. Come see what all this looks like under the lights tonight at 8 and 10:30pm.  I reckon there are a few tickets […]

Peggy Gannon just entered the building.

She is here to eat. And also, possibly help. Jodi-Paul is both manning the door and folding programs. He is keeping it real, as they say. Playwrights are showing up again and injecting some much needed rejuvenation into the proceedings. Afterall, these guys just rested up all day. Well, at least in Chris Haddad’s case, I can’t speak for the others. RANDOM QUOTE TAKEN COMPLETELY OUT OF CONTEXT: Deb Fialkow:“Is that my butt? Yep, that’s my butt.” And then later […]

Tech Time!!

Currently in the Theatre watching the tech of show #3, Single’s Night. I tell you true, this is shaping up to be a pretty damn good evening of shows. And I was wrong, the Star Trek theme comes up at the end of show number three, not number one. My bad. It’s pretty much your run of the mill tech, except you get a work with a band, and you pretty much get a few precious minutes to put it […]

Director’s meeting

All the directors are now downstairs meeting with Lou and Tim. Here is where everyone talks about the technical needs of their show, and the spine of what you’ll all be seeing in less than five hours really starts to take shape. The big theme of this meeting is discussing the set pieces needed, and orchestrating set changes. Set changes are my most favorite thing ever, because if you screw them up ever so slightly, it becomes a play about […]