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Tom Selleck has Been Replaced

If you have have participated in 14/48, The World’s Quickest Theatre Festival, you are well familiar with the beloved “draw cans” from which the names of the actors are randomly pulled to perform in the plays the directors have randomly selected earlier. The female actors names live in a can bearing the iconic image of Farrah Fawcett, deliciously smiling and high-beaming in a red swimsuit.  The male actors live in a can adorned with Tom Selleck, circa Magnum P.I. Or they […]

All the World’s a Theatre in the Round

Theatre in the round is a lot like 14/48 itself—or theatre in general for that matter—it seems like a bright idea until you start really looking at the logistics of it. For the first time in the long history of the festival, the plays will be staged in the arena format in ACT’s Allen Theatre. As Shawn Belyea, Executive Director of 14/48 and Artist Liaison for this weekend, points out: “Most theatre artists in this town don’t get to work […]


Friday Morning Impressions

As the actors start to roll in, directors and writers have been reading the plays, mulling over the characters, moments, and their breakfast choices. In some corners of the room, writer/director pairs are still talking, and in other corners, directors sit by themselves, reading the script over and over. Andy Jensen and Lisa Koch discussing Show #1Photo: Agastya Kohli The fullest table is the table with all the designers. Everyone, seriously, studiously reading their scripts. Omar is lurking in the […]

Quotable Quotes from Thursday Night Meeting

Shawn shares pearls of wisdom with directors.Photo: Agastya Kohli Speaking about beer during the introduction –  “The most important thing about beer, is no f***ing whining about the beer. Just ask about the beer in a normal voice.” – Shawn Belyea *** As Alyssa Byer talks about caring for our wonderful space, she requests – “This building attracts many fruit flies. So please don’t leave half full cups of beer lying around Friday night. Drain your beer and throw away […]

this is how this is done

Okay, the Director’s meeting was just too overwhelming for me and my fellow Blogess, Rebecca Goldberg, has that covered so I left.  I was given a bunch of fabulous pictures from yesterday by our spectacular photographer Joe Iano so I thought I was take a few minutes to celebrate what happens behind the scenes. It takes a lot of people to make this happen.  In fact, last night, this is how many people were here as artists and volunteers.  Yeah, […]

that’s the sound of my hymen breaking

I’m sitting here at the Erickson watching Shawn Belyea setting up the playground to make sure it’s safe for the hard games to come. Right now, the virgins, or “fresh meat” are all being introduced and rushed along. Seeing all the faces peeking out to say hello and watching the beer get sloshed onto the stage is like seeing an enormous piñata of goodness spilling out and creating excitement. As I sit here trying to listen and type, I feel […]

Day 2 – Writers and Directors

Everyone looks surprisingly perky.  It’s going to be fun. Oooo – I’m eavesdropping on the director/playwright meetings.  So fun to listen to Tina LaPlant (playwright) and Tim Hyland (director) reading her play aloud and discussing – so intense.  I think I heard her say “Sister Pig.” Maggie Lee, The Picture of Inspiration, Suzanne Cohen Moving on to Suzanne Cohen and Maggie Lee who are doing drawings of the space.  Suzanne looking for guidance from coffee drinking Maggie who has a […]

Pictures Round 2

Here are some more wonderful shots from Joe Iano of Tim Hyland directs Zoey Belyea, Heather Persinger, Ashley Flannagan, Amanda Lee Williams and Sarah Winsor The 14/48 band! David Brown King, Ben McFadden, Carolyn Marie Monroe and Lantz Wagner with director Paul Budraitis  Artist liaisons Dudes and babes Sara Coates finds a moment of solitude Rehearsal space on 8th Floor

Smiley Happy People in the House

Here are three pics taken by my 14/48 photographer boyfriend, Joe Iano. Shawn Belyea, Peggy Gannon, Jodi-Paul Brown-Wooster  Shawn Belyea, Jose Amador, Jodi-Paul Brown-Wooster Lantz Wagner, Carolyn Marie Monroe, Unknown (I’m working on it), Ben McFadden

Miracles are for suckas’!

What happened at the meeting… * Erin Stewart walked in wearing something sexy and then hit on Jesus Christ.* Deb informed people to puke outside if they have to puke. Apparently last weekend we had a puker who missed the toilet… I blame Heather Gautschi.* Belyea told me to ‘Shut the fuck up.’* Otherwise, the standard 7:00 meeting… clean up your shit and have a good show. I’m going to get another beer.