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Rehearsals from Saturday

I’ve checked in on a few of the rehearsals this morning and the evening is shaping up to be very fun. David Schmader’s ‘Macrophages’ finds worlds colliding in the realm of plastic surgery and body modification, and the recovery process that follows. This one presents a couple particular problems for the design team in creating the set, costuming the actors, and getting them to and from the stage. It will be interesting to see what this one ends up looking […]

Breakfast and Coincidences

As expected, a lot calmer energy abounds in the room today as people go through the familiar patterns of playwrights talking to directors, actors catching up and grabbing a bite to eat, exchanging compliments and horror stories. Looks like people got sufficient sleep, but there is no denying, everyone could use a couple of extra hours. Keni Cohen and Erin Stewart talk about the playPhoto: Agastya Kohli Three of the playwright/director pairs are repeats of yesterday. Keni Cohen picked Erin […]

Images from Lunch

Friday’s crew takes a break to refuel and relax just for a bit. Actors with scripts in hand, mumbling lines as they start to get off book, directors looking at the day’s schedule, planning their afternoons as they enjoy their salads and sandwiches. Round of applause for our kitchen volunteers fora great lunch spread.Photo: Agastya Kohli Front page of Sara Porkalob’s scriptPhoto: Agastya Kohli Sam Read finds a quiet corner to work on his linesPhoto: Agastya Kohli