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Fourth time’s a charm

One of the difficulties with trying to keep track of seven different groups rehearsing is the timing. They are all running on their own schedules and scattered throughout the building. I tried to catch a rehearsal of Zoe Fitzgerald’s “Good Night” three different times, and every time they were on a break. I finally caught it when they ran through tech, and holy smokes… This is a wonderful thing. Charles Smith directs Allison Strickland, Danielle Daggerty, Scott Ward Abernethy, Sam […]

Images from Lunch

Friday’s crew takes a break to refuel and relax just for a bit. Actors with scripts in hand, mumbling lines as they start to get off book, directors looking at the day’s schedule, planning their afternoons as they enjoy their salads and sandwiches. Round of applause for our kitchen volunteers fora great lunch spread.Photo: Agastya Kohli Front page of Sara Porkalob’s scriptPhoto: Agastya Kohli Sam Read finds a quiet corner to work on his linesPhoto: Agastya Kohli

TPS Hearts 14/48

This weekend’s artist roster includes former TPS staff members Sam Read (Actor) and Courtney Meaker (Writer), as well as current TPS staff members Andy Jensen (Director) and Marianna de Fazio (Actor). Andy is directing show #1, Courtney wrote show #4, and Marianna and Sam are acting in show #s 6 and 7 respectively. “Crouching Sam and Hidden Talent”Former and current TPS staff members at 14/48Photo: Agastya Kohli And, the word on the street is that Karen Lane will be in […]