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Overheard in play 5 rehearsal: “Showdown”

Seems to be just after the first read-thru. Virgin playwright Ryan Higgins is answering questions from the actors and veteran director Annie Lareau. Veteran Actor Darian Lindle: “What are we to each other?” Somebody: “Besties.” Ryan seems to confirm this, and goes on to explain some relationships and back stories. Veteran Actor Jim Lapan: “Is my wearing a dress at all a sexual thing?” Annie: “No, you’re just a cross-dresser.” Jim: “So my suitcase full of clothes I brought, that […]

14/48 – The Process Behind Social Networking a Festival, pt.1

Jodi-Paul said I should (or maybe he said couldn’t… I can’t remember) do a post for the blog from abroad so I decided to do investigative work on facebook using posts from those involved to give a report… here it is… 14/48 – The Process Behind Social Networking a Festival, pt.1 ‎RYAN HIGGINS – “14/48 gods, give me something fun. Or something excruciatingly horrible. Either way it’s tome to become an alchemist and turn anything handed to me into gold.”* […]


SLOOP: You were a virgin this past summer. How does it feel with this time around with the experience under your belt? LOU: Less of the excited anticipation. A little more dread because I know what it entails. It’s fun, but exhausting. I have second day melange. SLOOP: If you could see anything tonight based on the them ‘The Life You Knew”… LOU: That was my theme! SLOOP: Oh… you know you get free tickets for that. LOU: I know […]

TECH – The Female of the Species by Maggie Lee

Tech for show three has begun – 4:35. Megan Ahiers has just arrived and is sitting next to me. She must have not liked my patchouli scent because as soon as she arrived she left. Oh my goodness… has Brandon Whitehead lost weight? He looks fabulous! I can’t believe he doesn’t have a boyfriend… (Brandon may or may not have told me to blog that) Ahhh… Ryan Higgins almost slid off the stage! Erin Kraft reminds him to be safe. […]


14/48 Stage Manager, Lou Butler, has arrived! Quick Quotes and Tiddly Bits: “Intense. The day has been on constant fast forward. Veterans have asked if I’m going to barf.” – Arreola – VIRGIN ACTOR (Hey, don’t barf on me, buddy.) “It has to come from the heart… I’m starting to find it.” – Ryan Higgins – ACTOR (asked how the ‘girly wave’ he was directed do was going for him) Morgan Rowe is wearing a birthday hat… yup. “God… we […]

Floor 7 Lounge

Just moved my home base from the basement to the 7th floor. Couldn’t handle the barrage of insults from Alex Samuels… hopefully he won’t find me here. Erin Kraft and her crew of Ryan Higgins, Brandon Whitehead and Troy Lund are currently on break. What I witnessed during their previous run: * hilarity * a massive deer head looming over their process… a ‘spirit guide’ you might say… EK agrees * EK watched her pet from the stairs * there […]

Lessons Learned

Here are some things I have learned this weekend: MJ Sieber (playwright) doesn’t ever sleep.   Stage Managers need pants with pockets. Ryan Higgins (actor) is very flexible. Beer is better cold. Alyssa Keene (band) knows how to play a lot of different instruments.   There are so many people willing to do thankless jobs just for the chance to be involved in this festival. Salo (band) cuts his sandwiched into quarters and doesn’t eat the crusts. Even people in […]