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Art In Progress

The visual artists have been a very cool addition to 14/48. And like their play counterparts, work continues throughout the day with the deadline looming. Brian Stricklan and Roy Stanton are currently occupying one of the dressing rooms while putting the finishing touches on their additions to the collection.

Quotable Quotes from Thursday Night Meeting

Shawn shares pearls of wisdom with directors.Photo: Agastya Kohli Speaking about beer during the introduction –  “The most important thing about beer, is no f***ing whining about the beer. Just ask about the beer in a normal voice.” – Shawn Belyea *** As Alyssa Byer talks about caring for our wonderful space, she requests – “This building attracts many fruit flies. So please don’t leave half full cups of beer lying around Friday night. Drain your beer and throw away […]


We know the theme, the beer is flowing and the Virgins are ready.  Here is a little peek: The fabulous Rebecca M. Davis tells us about how she’s “technically” a Virgin: Our humble Mazen award winner, Roy Stanton, tells us about how he’s feeling: Never been to a show?  Come out and be a virgin audience member tomorrow and Saturday  8:00 and 10:30