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lurking in play # 4

Dear Diary, I was given permission to lurk.  I didn’t want to creep out my new crush too much so I wandered away from the band and over to the rehearsal room for play #4, written by Jennifer Jasper and featuring Rob MacGregor, David Nail, Caitlin Francis and Hannah Schnabel and directed by Julia Griffin. I hear something about “breastfeeding on the left tittie”.   (The blocking is hilarious on this!) I also just heard the director say, “You know, she […]

Saturday Rehearsals

The second day of 14/48 always feels like someone picked up all the players from the night before, shook them up in a Yahtzee cup, and poured them out on the board again. Some of the players are still joined (Mark Boeker & Shawn Law, I notice, are still together – so are Tina LaPlant & Troy Fischnaller & John Lutyens). But almost everyone else has been rearranged, regrouped, refamilied. Today, the two worst rehearsal spaces from yesterday have been […]

It’s all about MEN

I was thinking that the venue would influence 14/48 tonight but I’ve changed my mind. I got to go around and poke my head into all the rehearsal rooms (I felt like I was playing a game of Zelda trying to find them all in the lovely maze of ACT) and I think it will be much less influenced by space than by the theme (remember: Neutralize the Threat) and the mostly male playwright pool. (Lots of male actors, too, […]