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Young Guns Day 2 Tech Quotes #7: Tuesday Night

“Do your cross and your death, I just wanna see for sightlines.” “Oh, is Betty dead again?” “Who’s hungry?” “Not Betty.” “It’s just hard to care when you die every day.” “So, why don’t you focus on living in the now, and…don’t…die…all the time.” “Dearly Departed Mirabelle…was a pain…in my cooch.” “Excellent question.” “Also an existential conundrum.”    


Young Guns Day 2 Tech Quotes #6: Salvation at the Trailer Park Door

“The door’s on the passenger’s side, right?” “We actually need the gnomes preset stage right.” [Looking in the prop Book of Mormon:] “Someone PASTED their lines in–” “Because SOMEONE did not know their lines…” “You don’t have to yell, huh? I’m hustlin’ my bustle!” “I’m actually really good, thank you.” [pause] “Are you? Really?” [pause] “Nawww I’m just messin’ with ya!” “…he found me. He saved me.” “For now. [loud belch]” [A rare moment of stillness and silence: a long, […]


Young Guns Day 2 Tech Quotes #5: The Evil Witch Leadbelly

“Our lovely witch: you need to make sure to tilt you hat backward.” “Noooooow we shall cross the sunset river!” “Stop her!! Angry Angry Hippo!” “I may have eaten myself, but at least I won’t be angry when company comes.” “Too bad, Leadbelly, I have my own journal of positive thoughts.” “My daughter’s name is Angel Baby. And that’s stupid. But it’s okay.” “So let’s go from the Bummer Spell.” “That’s why you’re my angel, baby.”  


Young Guns Day 2 Tech Quotes #4: The Swift and the Dead

“Yeah, absolutely. The death sound?” “We stopped moving and NOTHING BAD HAPPENED!” [The butthole from last night returns…though somewhat, uh, changed. I personally hope it ends up in director Rob Raas-Bergquist’s living room, since it has served him so well this weekend.] “FORGIVE THEM, TAY TAY, THEY DON’T KNOW WHAT THEY’RE DOING!” “DO NOT DEFY US, THE MORE YOU WOUND US THE MORE WE WILL SIMPLY SHAKE IT OFF!” “No, by that point all the animals will be out.” “And […]


Young Guns Day 2 Tech Quotes #3: My Li’l Peanut

[A musical cell phone sound effect sends us all into fits of giggles.] “That last bit is going to be that ending, where she’s popping her balloons.” “You want it sadder?” “I will try to pop them as fast as I can.” “It’s you!” It’s YOU!” “Holy SHIT!” “We’re gonna go from Biebertime.” “Time is tricky. It cannot be stopped. But — it can be stamped.” “Isn’t it obvious? I’m an aristocratic peanut!” “It’s just a Google!”


Young Guns Day 2 Tech Quotes #2: Not Today

“Butt shaking, that’s my cue.” “So, watch for the twerk.” [Omar Willey starts humming along while the band plays Bach’s Toccata and Fugue in D minor.] [I shout to the band that the chord progression they are playing is from the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland. They don’t believe me.] “…that stays until she bites through his neck…” “It’s kind of a mixture of whiskey, and…most definitely not whiskey.” “That was a LOT of blood, man.” “By the way, customers may […]


Young Guns Day 2 Tech Quotes #1: The Way Back

“And what about you, Thanksgiving Desserts All Gathered Together in the Same Tupperware?” [Scott W. Abernathy shows off some excellent spotting technique during his opening chaines turns] “And then he’s going to have his moment, he’ll talk to God…” “Keep that until Fork enters?” “Do you mind dancing?” “I mean, I like dancing.” “…I know you do.” “Looking for a but-but, baby!” “With the chips! And the bowl! And the second base!” “It’s so big…and red…and spicy.”


Young Guns: Overheard & Out of Context

“I usually drink while I do this meeting…is that not good?” “Just don’t use a powertool.” “Oh. Yeah.” “Hard games on a safe playground.” “Slam it all the way on! All the way on! All the way open! I don’t even have to touch it!” “That was my button. You can have that.” “What’s the hashtag?” “…I knew we needed more hashtags!!” “Next week it’s going to be, ‘what’s a hashtag?’ ‘What’s the mailing address here?’” (It’s 201 Mercer Street, […]


fish beer and other Sweentastic things I’ve overheard

“You’re going to be straddling her, because that makes the most sense.” “Some occasions call for the big guns.” “I stopped being mad at you at least four beers ago.” “Pardon me.  I tend to speak in metaphors.” “You graduated from frou frou drinks to fish beer. I call it that because it always has a fish on it.”  “The third from the bottom “Fuck you” on page two.” “Just be here in this moment.” “The gay bars will be […]