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Playwright update: Becky Bruhn

Email received 4:39 AM. On the way out of the theatre tonight, a friend told me I should “stretch myself” and write a serious script. Um, no. I don’t do that. Plus, it’s not a good idea to stray on Saturday. This gal’s opinion. But something ended up getting lodged in my brain, something serious, and I could not get rid of it. I fought the idea for two hours then finally realized I just had to do it. It […]

We’re just getting started, kids.

Writer notes from Jim Jewell, 1448 Playwright. Email received 11:51 PM. I heard from my director that they had a rough day, but the hard work paid off to my mind and I was very happy with the result. The best thing about the actors and directors ballsy enough to tackle 14/48 is how much better at this than I really am they make me look.But, no good deed goes unpunished. Goddamned theme. This gig would be so fun without […]

Director’s meeting

All the directors are now downstairs meeting with Lou and Tim. Here is where everyone talks about the technical needs of their show, and the spine of what you’ll all be seeing in less than five hours really starts to take shape. The big theme of this meeting is discussing the set pieces needed, and orchestrating set changes. Set changes are my most favorite thing ever, because if you screw them up ever so slightly, it becomes a play about […]