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a cold beer on a hot day

I talked earlier about the things that fuel 14/48 but forgot to mention the beer because I don’t drink it.  It must be mentioned.  The tapping of the keg is an important part of the tradition.  I asked steering committee member Peter Dylan O’Connor to explain it much better than I could. because, beer

Tech – Show 3

I love how everything in this show has signage informing us as to what it is. Police Department, Visitor’s Check-In, Holding Cell, Peter Dylan O’Connor, apple… in a moment I’ve been transported to a different world. Thank you, live theatre! I need to check with Shawn Belyea, but I think the Visitor’s Check-In can get free beer at the bar if it flashes the name badge. I sure hope they leave the ladder in the middle of the house for […]

Weekend One Wrap-Up

My job as blogger is almost done, but before signing off, I wanted to say a few thanks and report what a pleasure it was blogging for the festival this weekend. 14/48, each time I experience it, reminds me why people are drawn into the theatre business or, as my good friend Peter Dylan O’Connor might say, why we keep getting sucked back into it even if we try to escape. The people. Live theatre CONNECTS some f***ing cool people. […]

Peter Dylan O’Connor Has An Idea

Peter has an idea! Peter’s idea is shot down. Peter will kill you now.

TECH – Cafeteria Blossoms by Celene Ramadan

5:45 – Teching show number six… As I walked to the theatre, sipping on my Big K Cola, I passed by show #1 rehearsing. In an amazing exhibit of multi-tasking, Troy Fischnaller managed to flick me off while rehearsing his play. The man seeks to amaze. Upon entering the theatre, Cafeteria Blossoms was getting set to start. Tina LaPadula was standing at the top of the steps holding her tray of mashed potatoes with ketchup and trying to keep her […]

Lunch Time

It’s lunch time now.  I know this because the Artistic Liaison (Peter Dylan O’Connor) just walked into the office and rubbed a piece of chicken on my arm.  It was juicy.  I didn’t like it.  He did it again.  This time some chunks stuck to me.  Chicken chunks.  People are getting loopy.   I think I am going to go in another room and see what the other people are doing.   

Morning Glimpses

I am here for my official first blog of the day, full of news.  I would have posted earlier, but I found myself suddenly without adequate computer access and couldn’t figure out how to send my posts via 14/48 messenger pigeons.   So, here are a few snippets of things that happened in the first few hours of the second day of the first weekend of the festival that is 14/48: Shawn Belyea was woken up this morning by Peter Dylan […]