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Updates from Floors 1 through 3

Let’s start in the Lalie and head up from there. Ben, Sarah, Megan and MarkPhoto: Agastya Kohli Manny’s crew (Mark Boeker, Justin Huertas, Ben McFadden, Megan Ahiers and Sarah Winsor) are running through lines and finding the funny in Eric Lane Barnes’ script titled Slice of Life. The cast is enjoying the script – trying to go off book – like a fledgling chic. Manny is sitting back and enjoying the show. Up in the Allen Theatre, Peggy Gannon is […]

Morning Meowing with Playwright and Director

Peggy Gannon and Brendan HealyPhoto by Teri Lazzara

Day 2 – Writers and Directors

Everyone looks surprisingly perky.  It’s going to be fun. Oooo – I’m eavesdropping on the director/playwright meetings.  So fun to listen to Tina LaPlant (playwright) and Tim Hyland (director) reading her play aloud and discussing – so intense.  I think I heard her say “Sister Pig.” Maggie Lee, The Picture of Inspiration, Suzanne Cohen Moving on to Suzanne Cohen and Maggie Lee who are doing drawings of the space.  Suzanne looking for guidance from coffee drinking Maggie who has a […]

Smiley Happy People in the House

Here are three pics taken by my 14/48 photographer boyfriend, Joe Iano. Shawn Belyea, Peggy Gannon, Jodi-Paul Brown-Wooster  Shawn Belyea, Jose Amador, Jodi-Paul Brown-Wooster Lantz Wagner, Carolyn Marie Monroe, Unknown (I’m working on it), Ben McFadden

Rehearsals Underway

The playwrights got here first and turned in their plays. Then came the directors and designers, and started reading them. Finally, the actors were picked, scripts handed out, rehearsal spaces assigned, and Bullitt cabaret cleared out. Peggy Gannon talks to Alex Samuels,Charles Smith and Andrew Murry. They’re scattered all over ACT theatre – in Busters, in Lower Falls Lobby, in the Allen, in the Allen green room, on the 8th floor, in the Lalei and in the Bullitt dressing room […]

Shot with a Mazen…

Just had a shot of scotch with Mazen winner Peggy Gannon. Yep, she won’t be able to stand up by the 10:30 show… this is going to be awesome!


“GOOD MORNING 14/48!” – This entry is for Peggy Gannon (14/48 VET) and all those working today At this moment: * 14/48 steering members are running around town picking up food and such * Playwrights are putting the final touches on their masterpieces * Troy Fischnaller is at his morning yoga class getting ready for the day ahead * I’m about to slap some patchouli on and then hop a public bus down town

Peggy Gannon just entered the building.

She is here to eat. And also, possibly help. Jodi-Paul is both manning the door and folding programs. He is keeping it real, as they say. Playwrights are showing up again and injecting some much needed rejuvenation into the proceedings. Afterall, these guys just rested up all day. Well, at least in Chris Haddad’s case, I can’t speak for the others. RANDOM QUOTE TAKEN COMPLETELY OUT OF CONTEXT: Deb Fialkow:“Is that my butt? Yep, that’s my butt.” And then later […]