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Scenes from rehearsals and building stuff

Saturday casting update

The actors have been drawn and rehearsals have started. Here’s what your Saturday program will look like. The Kindest Man – Kelly K Johnson, Mark Fullerton, Matthew Middleton, Jason Marr Some Sisters – Mik Kuhlman, Patricia Haines-Ainsworth, Katie Driscoll Cake – Jason Sharp, Alyssa Bostwick Hi Honey, I’m Home – Jill Snyder Marr, Cynthia Whalen, Jennifer Jasper, James Weidman, Mark Boeker Alone – Maria Glanz, Lisa Viertel, Mike Dooly, Rob Jones Our Hypothetical Future – Jeremy Topping, Macall Gordon, Katherine […]

Peek inside the writing process via Social Media

Scotto Moore: 2:19 AM – This play is sweet, but the stakes are too low. On to the second try… 3ish – well in keeping with last night’s pattern, i’m finishing this play anyway because i have to know how it ends… 4ish – turns out this play has plenty of stakes, w00t 5am – sent. Shaving a cool two hours off of yesterday’s time. Turns out writing one play is more efficient than writing two SURPRISE SURPRISE.  Maggie Lee: 3AM ish […]

All Company Meeting and beyond

7:00 – all participants in the festival gather in one room for announcements, reminders, and for the virgins a run-down of how the curtain call goes. Things that are covered include: Where to store your stuff How to get backstage Don’t touch anything that isn’t yours Use the back of the theater to come and go if you are watching other pieces After curtain call move to the lobby with your friends   While this is happening the lobby to […]

Tech Time, baby!

3:30 0n the dot – Kaeline introduces herself and the director of the first show to the band and away we go. 3:33 – four men on a blow-up raft sitting in the dark while they figure out the sound 3:51 – “There are no vegetarians in lifeboats” 3:56 – “thank you, show number one, you are done” 3:57 – The band busts out some Fine Young Cannibals 4:08 – “What can I say? I love redheads.” 4:19 – show […]

More photos from inside the process

All photos by Joe Iano

Status report – almost tech time

We are close to the 3:00 director’s meeting where the stage managers quickly go over the tech process and due a basic paper tech with all the directors – ALL IN THIRTY MINUTES! Then the tech process will begin. Each group will have 20 minutes on the stage to do everything.

Almost lunch everybody

The lobby of the Cornish Playhouse is bubbling over with activity. Actors walking thru chatting here and there, seeming to murmur to themselves as they begin the memorization process. Designers run through on a regular basis going from group to group bringing odd bits and pieces with them. Design runners are off procuring things that will magically be transformed into costumes, props, and set pieces by tonight. I hear there are a number of fights in pieces today. The old […]

Five Minutes of Fluff – K Brian Neel

MD: How was your writing process last night? KBN: It was alright. I had two ideas that I liked equally. I went into the the piece call “The Autopsy.” Finished it around one. Didn’t come out the way I wanted it to come out. I tried to tune it for about an hour. And then at about two, I was tired and I was ready to go to bed and I submitted it and I said I’m just going to […]

Five Minutes of Fluff – Maggie Lee

I’m taking advantage of the ice-breaker that is my 4lb dog to do as many interviews as possible with the participants this weekend. They hold Daisy and I ask them questions. Here is the first one with writer Maggie Lee: MD: How was the writing process last night? ML:  It was good. I got psyched out drawing the 7th slot and was really worried about ending it on a high or big note. Should I add a dance number? No. […]