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In Praise of Fear, or Sympathy for the Playwright

I won’t say fear drives everything, but it drives a helluva lot more than most of us would like to admit. And when it comes to 14/48: The World’s Quickest Theatre Festival, fear may just be the main ingredient. (I’ve written about it before, back when I popped my cherry as an actor. [Click here.]) So the theatre professionals that sign up for 14/48 Kamikaze are the true and ardent adrenalin junkies. They have no idea what assignment the Gods […]

All the World’s a Theatre in the Round

Theatre in the round is a lot like 14/48 itself—or theatre in general for that matter—it seems like a bright idea until you start really looking at the logistics of it. For the first time in the long history of the festival, the plays will be staged in the arena format in ACT’s Allen Theatre. As Shawn Belyea, Executive Director of 14/48 and Artist Liaison for this weekend, points out: “Most theatre artists in this town don’t get to work […]


torsion and wet panties

Dear Diary, We have reached that place of torsion that happens in the theatre.  Everything is coming together but only through an immense amount of hard work, cooperation and details, details, details. I feel a little diffuse while everyone else is extremely focused.  I see women on stage with dresses as red as a rhododendron on Mother’s Day.  There are a lot of women in this show, eighteen of them, in fact.  There is a play about Goddesses called “The […]