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P.S. I need…

Over in ‘TECHIE CORNER’, demands are being made for sets, props, costumes and lights. First up, Nicole Boyer Cochran: * She needs a bench, maybe two benches, but not chairs… definately not chairs. * She needs a big display of flowers for a funeral… cats out of the bag… there’s a funeral tonight. * She needs lighting which is bright, like a sunny afternoon. * She finished her wish list with, “I don’t need a pony.” Banton sunk in his […]


Carol Roscoe – directing show 1 and looking great while doing it! DIRECTOR’S MEETING – 3pm First director has arrived, Nicole Boyer Cochran, but then she left again… oh well.

Memorization has Begun

I entered the Allen Theatre (for the first time ever) and all I can say is… wow! It’s gorgeous. Today, the Allen Theatre is the sacred rehearsal space of Nicole Boyer Cochran and her intrepid 14/48 cast (Rob Burgess, Mark Boeker, Rob Jones, Annie Lareau, Kate Parker). Together they are working on Paul Mullin’s play, /me misses hyperbaric. At this moment, the cast is hard at work memorizing the piece, which may or may not have something to do with […]

Building a House

I sat in on a conversation designer Ahren Buhmann was having with director Tyrone Brown. Tyrone drew out his ground plan and indicated where the kitchen, living room and bedroom would be… the various playing areas in his piece. He then asked for a swimming pool and a 2 car garage. In the upstairs level, Paul Mullin and Nicole Boyer Cochran said their play is TOP SECRET. What!? Top secret!? I had to know more and, after Paul called me […]