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It’s the Final Countdown, do do-do do doooooo.

Peter and Jodi-Paul are on stage going over some last minute house cleaning and notes for the 14/48 company. Some excellent pearls of wisdom, including. “There are two shows, so pace yourselves.” …. “Yeah, but they’re only ten minutes long, so don’t pace yourselves that much” 8:00 PM show: Opening night energy!! 10:30 PM show: Closing night energy!! Go big or go home!!!! Woo band!! And…disperse. Now, the nerves begin.

The Wall

Have you hit it yet? I sure as shit haven’t! Though I wouldn’t complain if someone brought me an iced coffee. {EDIT: Deb Fialkow is getting me one, securing her position as the best. person. ever.} So never mind. I’m up here in the theatre again, listening to some jams being concocted by the band. Hearing some original stuff, along with some Star Trek, some You Shook Me All Night Long…it’s sounding pretty great I must say. Ladies and gentleman, […]