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“Sound of Silence”

“Who’s gonna regulate women’s bodies?” I DON’T KNOW “Republicans in our world.” “Can we all have American flag pins?” I stepped in on the Matt Smith play rehearsal, “Sound of Silence,” to the five guys—including Mazen Alex Samuels—talking about what the relationship between these characters was, and how to cast the show. In the play, we learn that it’s two years before the end of the world. Hearing them talk about “casting the old guy as the young guy” (a freshman compared […]

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K.D. our Costumer Goes For A Ride

K.D. Schill, Michael Mowery, WillAbrahamse, Dave Baldwin, Gary Menendez, Gerard MenendezPhoto by Joe Iano I got to take a walk with the amazingly talented K.D. Schill who borrowed my auto to make her costuming run.  Amy Lazerte and Charlotte Peters join K.D. for today’s costume magic.  I hope the 14/48 gods help her along like they did yesterday when Chris Ensweiler whipped out a pair of blue skivvies to round out his Spider Man costume for last night’s Act II […]

Day 2 – Writers and Directors

Everyone looks surprisingly perky.  It’s going to be fun. Oooo – I’m eavesdropping on the director/playwright meetings.  So fun to listen to Tina LaPlant (playwright) and Tim Hyland (director) reading her play aloud and discussing – so intense.  I think I heard her say “Sister Pig.” Maggie Lee, The Picture of Inspiration, Suzanne Cohen Moving on to Suzanne Cohen and Maggie Lee who are doing drawings of the space.  Suzanne looking for guidance from coffee drinking Maggie who has a […]

Saturday Night Breakdown – Playwrights, Breakdown and Show Order

Show #1Kelleen Conway-Blanchard1 Male 3 Females Show #2Wayne Rawley2 Males 1 Female Show #3Matt Smith (not the improv guy – the Balagan Guy)2 Females Show #4Jonah Von Spreecken3 Males 2 Females Show #5Elizabeth Heffron1 Male 3 Females Show #6Brandon J. Simmons (he had show #6 friday, too.  Hmmmmmmm.)2 Male 1 Female Show #7Celene Ramadan (who is watching the 10:30pm show right now!  Ah, youth….)3 Male 2 Females Writers, feel free to get stuff off your chest while you go.  It […]