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Early Impressions from Show #5 and #6

Jennifer Jasper has a beautiful, sweet touching piece in Etymology last night. Today she has written a play called No Apologies, being directed by Hana Lass, featuring Marianna de Fazio, Marty Mukhalian and Cody Smith. In my three minutes of eavesdropping, it sounded like a play about a couple (played by Cody and Marty) struggling to raise their daughter (Marianna) with a value system they believe in. Given the theme of ‘over indulgence’, something tells me the value system might be […]

People for the ethical treatment of…

David Schmader’s “E.R.P”, directed by Hana Lass, presents a problem for the blog. It’s hilarious, but I can’t tell you why. Not to be cryptic, but it would totally kill the big reveal. What starts as a non-descript job interview for a man and a woman, (Opal Peachey and Ryan Spickard) takes a bizarre turn after the interviewers (Marty Mukhalian and Alyson Bedford) reveal just what it is that their company is so ethically concerned about. And it just keeps […]