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Updates from Floors 1 through 3

Let’s start in the Lalie and head up from there. Ben, Sarah, Megan and MarkPhoto: Agastya Kohli Manny’s crew (Mark Boeker, Justin Huertas, Ben McFadden, Megan Ahiers and Sarah Winsor) are running through lines and finding the funny in Eric Lane Barnes’ script titled Slice of Life. The cast is enjoying the script – trying to go off book – like a fledgling chic. Manny is sitting back and enjoying the show. Up in the Allen Theatre, Peggy Gannon is […]

Checking in on Play 3

Jim Moran’s two-hander called “Gulliver’s App” stars Mark Boeker and Charissa Adams.  Stan Shields is directing.  They are having fun.  Stan is a good director.  They have a wee dressing room in which to rehearse so I feel right on top of them – just the way I like it.  Next hour they are going to drill drill drill to get completely off book.  Stan’s gotta make the director’s meeting.  OH!  I’ve never been to one of those.  I got […]


During the tech run for play #4: Mark Boeker (wearing a towel) accidentally flashes Rob Jones mid-line… “Excuse my balls.” – Mark Boeker “I don’t think there’s any excuse for your balls.” – Rob Jones Bravo, gentlemen… bravo.


Alex Samuels was busy making french toast on the griddle when I asked him for two eggs, a little on the runny side. Alex responded, “Oh, I’ve got something runny for you.” I was slightly confused by the inflection to his answer, but I said, “Let me grab my plate.” Still waiting to get my plate back. Also: * Mark Boeker was the first actor to arrive this morning – followed by a gaggle of delicate acting types. * Brandon […]

Memorization has Begun

I entered the Allen Theatre (for the first time ever) and all I can say is… wow! It’s gorgeous. Today, the Allen Theatre is the sacred rehearsal space of Nicole Boyer Cochran and her intrepid 14/48 cast (Rob Burgess, Mark Boeker, Rob Jones, Annie Lareau, Kate Parker). Together they are working on Paul Mullin’s play, /me misses hyperbaric. At this moment, the cast is hard at work memorizing the piece, which may or may not have something to do with […]