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The Last 7:00pm Meeting in January 2010

If you’ve been following the festival for awhile, you should know the War Cry of 14/48: Artist Liaison: 8 o’clock show? All: OPENING NIGHT ENERGY!!! Artist Liaison: 10:30 show? All:  CLOSING NIGHT ENERGY!!!! Artist Liaison:  If you think you’re talking too loud? All:  SPEAK UP Artist Liaison: and if you start feeling tired? All:  RAISE THE FUCKING STAKES!!!!! Therese Henning, owner of the Seattle Body Bar, is providing massages for artists through the 8pm show. Tech was a real bitch […]

3pm Director’s Meeting

We learned that stage manager Lou Butler has a Culinary Arts Degree form the University of Alaska.  Someone joked that her thesis was on venison. Lou replied “I know how to gut and skin a moose in 2 minutes.  A moose is bigger than you.” Anyway…… Only 2 directors were late (3:03pm ain’t 3:00).  The following is paraphrased: ~#~#~#~#~#~#~#~#~#~#~# Lou: You know there are no light changes when these scenes change, right? Director: Derek said it could be done. Lou:  […]


SLOOP: You were a virgin this past summer. How does it feel with this time around with the experience under your belt? LOU: Less of the excited anticipation. A little more dread because I know what it entails. It’s fun, but exhausting. I have second day melange. SLOOP: If you could see anything tonight based on the them ‘The Life You Knew”… LOU: That was my theme! SLOOP: Oh… you know you get free tickets for that. LOU: I know […]

Morning Glimpses

I am here for my official first blog of the day, full of news.  I would have posted earlier, but I found myself suddenly without adequate computer access and couldn’t figure out how to send my posts via 14/48 messenger pigeons.   So, here are a few snippets of things that happened in the first few hours of the second day of the first weekend of the festival that is 14/48: Shawn Belyea was woken up this morning by Peter Dylan […]