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Rehearsals from Saturday

I’ve checked in on a few of the rehearsals this morning and the evening is shaping up to be very fun. David Schmader’s ‘Macrophages’ finds worlds colliding in the realm of plastic surgery and body modification, and the recovery process that follows. This one presents a couple particular problems for the design team in creating the set, costuming the actors, and getting them to and from the stage. It will be interesting to see what this one ends up looking […]

Rehearsals everywhere.

The various groups are now scattered all over the ACT building, from the basement to the 8th floor, with design, sound, and lighting people roaming back and forth to get everything in order as we hit 3 hours to tech. The random casting draw has worked splendidly for Stan Shields, working on Keri Healey’s noir ‘Curtains!’.  Talking with Lisa Viertel and Kate Witt, they couldn’t be happier with their team. After the first read through they were set on who […]

Loud noises…

PLAY 2 “Dude looks like a lady… you’ll know what I mean later.” – Lisa Viertel (ACTOR) PLAY 3 “Pull the audience into this world by finding the stillness… finding the danger of this world and how we can live in it.” – Carol Roscoe (DIRECTOR) PLAY 5 “Word to your mother.” – Troy Fischnaller (ACTOR) PLAY 6 “I think we should do an improv game.” – John Farrage (DIRECTOR) FROM THE STAFF ROOM “Good thing I’m not tired because […]

The In-Between Time

Daniel Arreola, Morgan Rowe, and Lisa Viertel rehearsing for PLAY TWO: Taxi by Dawson Nichols, directed by Tyrone Brown. The time is 2:39pm. The directors’ meeting is in 21 minutes. The first performance is in 5 hours, 21 minutes. Once again, we have arrived at that strange part of the day, right after lunch, just before the directors meet where no one knows exactly what to do. Here in the Bullitt Cabaret where I have presently positioned myself, Tyrone Brown […]


14/48 Stage Manager, Lou Butler, has arrived! Quick Quotes and Tiddly Bits: “Intense. The day has been on constant fast forward. Veterans have asked if I’m going to barf.” – Arreola – VIRGIN ACTOR (Hey, don’t barf on me, buddy.) “It has to come from the heart… I’m starting to find it.” – Ryan Higgins – ACTOR (asked how the ‘girly wave’ he was directed do was going for him) Morgan Rowe is wearing a birthday hat… yup. “God… we […]

Lisa has arrived…

Lisa Viertel has arrived at ACT, along with a plethora of other actors. Lisa, after saying a few more inappropriate things to me, informed me that this was going to be… “MY STAR-MAKER WEEKEND!” LSD flashback or seeing the future… I’ll let you be the judge. But I’m leaning more towards a combo of column A and column B. Thanks, Lisa! Actor draw in 25 minutes in the Falls Theatre!