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Play #6 – Inheritance

Writer: Kelleen Conway Blanchard Dir: Corey McDaniel Cast: Stephan Hando, Val Brunetto Overheard in the rehearsal room: ‘Go big, and be honest, we want to remove all the falseness’ ‘Can one of you say how inspired you are by your director?’ ‘It depends on all the fucking elements’ ‘Well, my acting career started in High School…’

Saturday Night Breakdown – Playwrights, Breakdown and Show Order

Show #1Kelleen Conway-Blanchard1 Male 3 Females Show #2Wayne Rawley2 Males 1 Female Show #3Matt Smith (not the improv guy – the Balagan Guy)2 Females Show #4Jonah Von Spreecken3 Males 2 Females Show #5Elizabeth Heffron1 Male 3 Females Show #6Brandon J. Simmons (he had show #6 friday, too.  Hmmmmmmm.)2 Male 1 Female Show #7Celene Ramadan (who is watching the 10:30pm show right now!  Ah, youth….)3 Male 2 Females Writers, feel free to get stuff off your chest while you go.  It […]