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Designer Story of the Day

The designers just got back from their rounds of discussing requirements with directors. Today promises to be a more challenging day than yesterday. Designer pow wow.Photo: Agastya Kohli One of the challenges of the day is a 12 feet diameter eyrie (that’s a nest of a bird of prey as an eagle or a hawk) for Jonah Von Spreecken’s play The Eyrie at the End of the Lane. There is talk of collecting as may bare sticks and twigs and […]

Saturday Night Breakdown – Playwrights, Breakdown and Show Order

Show #1Kelleen Conway-Blanchard1 Male 3 Females Show #2Wayne Rawley2 Males 1 Female Show #3Matt Smith (not the improv guy – the Balagan Guy)2 Females Show #4Jonah Von Spreecken3 Males 2 Females Show #5Elizabeth Heffron1 Male 3 Females Show #6Brandon J. Simmons (he had show #6 friday, too.  Hmmmmmmm.)2 Male 1 Female Show #7Celene Ramadan (who is watching the 10:30pm show right now!  Ah, youth….)3 Male 2 Females Writers, feel free to get stuff off your chest while you go.  It […]

Virgewatch: Third Runner Up

I enter the Bullit Cabaret, rehearsal space for veteran writer David Tucker’s play “Third Runner Up”, featuring an astonishing virge count; 4 out of 5! That’s four virges ( one director and three actors) to one veteran. Virge director Julie Beckman sits at a table with veteran bandleader Tim Moore talking about sound needs. The actors are busy. Alex Samuels, the only veteran, seems fairly calm. He walks around avoiding the camera. Virgin Clara Rodriguez oscillates between hydrating and pacing […]