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All the World’s a Theatre in the Round

Theatre in the round is a lot like 14/48 itself—or theatre in general for that matter—it seems like a bright idea until you start really looking at the logistics of it. For the first time in the long history of the festival, the plays will be staged in the arena format in ACT’s Allen Theatre. As Shawn Belyea, Executive Director of 14/48 and Artist Liaison for this weekend, points out: “Most theatre artists in this town don’t get to work […]


What Jon Lutyens thinks the plays will be about.

Okay one more that I couldn’t resist. From a chat box two hours ago, reprinted, of course, without permission. Jon: what’s the theme? me: My Turn Jon: cool me: Very!! Jon: there’ll be a dating plot a playground plot maybe a dance piece maybe a stripping piece maybe a divorce plot me: any other guesses? Jon: hopefully an avant garde language piece. maybe a piece about college drinking. probably a sex piece. So. How many do you think he got […]