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come let it enter you

I just found out that tonight’s band is called “The Broad Strokers” Play #7 is just as, um, shocking as I was told. Sun-drenched raspberries fresh from David Mills garden and melt-in-your-mouth cookies  from John Bradshaw are being savored on the tongues of a hungry, lusty crew. Kegs are being brought in for the afterparty. A wave of eros and chaos has entered the theater like a sirocco. This is happening: I think it’s safe to say we’re not in […]

Ahiers on the verge of a sugar OD, “Not my fault” says Bradshaw

Megan Ahiers has consumed an unhealthy amount of sugar claim numerous regional doctors with large salaries. Exclaimed Dr. Sal Nettle, “With the amount of sugar she’s had enter her body, she’ll probably be pooping Peeps tomorrow morning.” “It’s just not right,” continued Nettle, “the human body can only take on so much sugar before it begins to sweat syrup.” So who is to blame. Many say John Bradshaw is the leading culprit after leaving dozens and dozens of delicious baked […]

A moment with Alex Samuels

SLOOP – Hey, Alex! How did lunch go? ALEX – Seemed to go fine. Jim Jewell’s running the kitchen this week. No fires to put out… yet. John Bradshaw made us some awesome cookies like he always does. SLOOP – What the hell is this about fires? This worries me… how would you handle a fire in this building? ALEX – I’d probably go to the AL and tell them. Then I’d run like hell. Maybe warn some actors… grab […]

14/48 – The Unsung Heroes (or, The Cookieman Cometh)

Jim Jewell chops lettuce in a basement. Deb Fialkow, over lunch, tells the story of her decision not to go to Walla Walla for her beau’s birthday, and for, as she’s now mentioned twice, “lake party.”She had been teaching in Leavenworth, and had all of John Bradshaw’s Tupperware in her car. See, ‘Martyr John’ had been planning to go to Leavenworth also, for the aforementioned “lake party”, but had come down with the flu. So, instead, he was going to […]