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Play #1 – Touch Me I’m Sick

Writer: Joe Zavadil Dir: Neil Reading Cast: Rachel Delmar, Trei J. Lazzara, Jodi Paul Wooster Overheard in the rehearsal room: ‘Use your words’ ‘I’m sucking down the red bull and vodka’ ‘Instead of avoiding it, I’m gonna get these two shit faced and bang them’ ‘You need to say something dude, so we all have the permission to fuck off’ ‘It’s semi implied, but it isn’t actually brought home till then’ ‘Oh my god!!! How am I going to remember […]

Wrapping up my 14/48 weekend

The early show is in the books and it’s another solid outing. Keri Healey’s play is my favorite tonight. It’s such a wonderful little piece. Allison Strickland and Joe Zavadil (this week’s Mazen award winner) are terrific together. And the show ends on such a great note, with Sara Porkalob joining the band for ‘Rehab.’ I’ve been a huge fan of 14/48 since I first discovered it four years ago, and I’m only more infatuated after having seen everything from […]

Second Weekend of Winter 2014

Greetings, and welcome to second weekend of January 2014 14/48 at ACT Theatre! While blogger 1 of 2 (Brett Love) chose to announce the theme for tonight, I blogger 2 of 2 (Agastya), won the coin toss, and with it, the honor of introducing our Mazen Award winner for the night. The Mazen is awarded to veteran participants of 14/48 for their contribution to the spirit of risk-taking and camaraderie embodied in our process.  Not the official image for Mazen […]

at the intersection of altruism and misanthropy

These are the guys that are feeding us.  Just before dinner last night, they were utterly exhausted and still rallying to bring food.  This crew is hungry and more food was needed so plans were made to rush out and get more.  They made sure there were plenty of vegetables, tofu for the vegans and a bit of comfort food for everyone.  It was hot and the ice kept miraculously appearing in the bowl and the coolers. They were back […]

a little sticky the morning after

Dear Diary, I woke up disheveled and a little sore and sticky this morning.  I feel more vulnerable and somehow more grown up all at the same time. I’m not a virgin anymore.  None of us are.  We’re all a little disheveled and wearing little, secrets smiles.  It’s Pride weekend and the vibe of many of the plays last night had that resonance.  There was a feeling of not holding back and of letting things out of the closet.  I […]