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Photos from Friday rehearsals!

All photos taken by Joe Iano Photography

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Breakfast of Champions

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from the danger zone

A little behind the scenes in the danger zone of the shop.  People are always trying to keep me away from power tools (for good reason).  Fortunately, there are people who know how to use them because they make cool things like TELEPHONE BOOTHS IN ONE DAY and magical balloon-laden glitter portals like this one featured in John Farrage’s play Kings last night: Photo by Joe Iano Photography I am DYING to see what they come up with tonight!  Come […]

this is how this is done

Okay, the Director’s meeting was just too overwhelming for me and my fellow Blogess, Rebecca Goldberg, has that covered so I left.  I was given a bunch of fabulous pictures from yesterday by our spectacular photographer Joe Iano so I thought I was take a few minutes to celebrate what happens behind the scenes. It takes a lot of people to make this happen.  In fact, last night, this is how many people were here as artists and volunteers.  Yeah, […]

K.D. our Costumer Goes For A Ride

K.D. Schill, Michael Mowery, WillAbrahamse, Dave Baldwin, Gary Menendez, Gerard MenendezPhoto by Joe Iano I got to take a walk with the amazingly talented K.D. Schill who borrowed my auto to make her costuming run.  Amy Lazerte and Charlotte Peters join K.D. for today’s costume magic.  I hope the 14/48 gods help her along like they did yesterday when Chris Ensweiler whipped out a pair of blue skivvies to round out his Spider Man costume for last night’s Act II […]

Smiley Happy People in the House

Here are three pics taken by my 14/48 photographer boyfriend, Joe Iano. Shawn Belyea, Peggy Gannon, Jodi-Paul Brown-Wooster  Shawn Belyea, Jose Amador, Jodi-Paul Brown-Wooster Lantz Wagner, Carolyn Marie Monroe, Unknown (I’m working on it), Ben McFadden

Pictures, Round 1

Our wonderful photographer Joe Iano of shared some pictures with us blogger types. Beautiful Bullitt Manny and his claw share thoughts with the film crew as Alyssa Keene listens in. Andrew Murry learning lines. Table work in 8th floor rehearsal room Gary M, K.D. Schill and Paul B sorting out sets and costumes.