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Play #1 – Touch Me I’m Sick

Writer: Joe Zavadil Dir: Neil Reading Cast: Rachel Delmar, Trei J. Lazzara, Jodi Paul Wooster Overheard in the rehearsal room: ‘Use your words’ ‘I’m sucking down the red bull and vodka’ ‘Instead of avoiding it, I’m gonna get these two shit faced and bang them’ ‘You need to say something dude, so we all have the permission to fuck off’ ‘It’s semi implied, but it isn’t actually brought home till then’ ‘Oh my god!!! How am I going to remember […]

Quotable Quotes from Thursday Night Meeting

Shawn shares pearls of wisdom with directors.Photo: Agastya Kohli Speaking about beer during the introduction –  “The most important thing about beer, is no f***ing whining about the beer. Just ask about the beer in a normal voice.” – Shawn Belyea *** As Alyssa Byer talks about caring for our wonderful space, she requests – “This building attracts many fruit flies. So please don’t leave half full cups of beer lying around Friday night. Drain your beer and throw away […]

Interrupted by Boyfriends

On a mission to head out with Agastya to eavesdrop on rehearsals, I am interrupted by a couple of boyfriends.

Smiley Happy People in the House

Here are three pics taken by my 14/48 photographer boyfriend, Joe Iano. Shawn Belyea, Peggy Gannon, Jodi-Paul Brown-Wooster  Shawn Belyea, Jose Amador, Jodi-Paul Brown-Wooster Lantz Wagner, Carolyn Marie Monroe, Unknown (I’m working on it), Ben McFadden

Lunch is Served

Megan Ahiers Actors and directors start trickling into Bullitt to grab a quick sandwich. Jodi-Paul Brown-Wooster picks up a slice of deli meat and offers it to Megan Ahiers. “Here, this is to help you with your acting.” “Is that ham? Thank you very much”, Megan quips. I got a sense that she wasn’t being sincere in her thanks to Jodi-Paul. She might still have been a little peeved when this picture was taken.