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A Delicate Moment

Jim Jewell approaches his good friend José Amador. “Hey, are you going to be around later, to help me with something for the show?” “Um, maybe. I have to go run some errands, and I should back around 7 o’clock. What’s up?” “I need you to shave the small of my back.” 14/48 and friendship are both about exploring one’s unforeseen horizons.

at the intersection of altruism and misanthropy

These are the guys that are feeding us.  Just before dinner last night, they were utterly exhausted and still rallying to bring food.  This crew is hungry and more food was needed so plans were made to rush out and get more.  They made sure there were plenty of vegetables, tofu for the vegans and a bit of comfort food for everyone.  It was hot and the ice kept miraculously appearing in the bowl and the coolers. They were back […]

twisted things

 The pulchritudinous Jim Jewell, shown here making French toast for the crew, had this to say about 14/48: “We do more twisted things before 10:00 am than most people do in a lifetime.” As I type this, I am watching Julia Griffin, a Virgin director this weekend, pulling her cast out of the infamous Tom Selleck and Farah Fawcett cans.  I overheard her in the Green Room saying, “This script is so fucked up!  I love it.” Drinking in twisted, […]

Interrupted by Boyfriends

On a mission to head out with Agastya to eavesdrop on rehearsals, I am interrupted by a couple of boyfriends.

14/48 – The Unsung Heroes (or, The Cookieman Cometh)

Jim Jewell chops lettuce in a basement. Deb Fialkow, over lunch, tells the story of her decision not to go to Walla Walla for her beau’s birthday, and for, as she’s now mentioned twice, “lake party.”She had been teaching in Leavenworth, and had all of John Bradshaw’s Tupperware in her car. See, ‘Martyr John’ had been planning to go to Leavenworth also, for the aforementioned “lake party”, but had come down with the flu. So, instead, he was going to […]

Design Visits

I spent some of my morning with Gary Menendez, a designer who has been volunteering for 14/48 for four years (“And I’ve only missed one weekend that whole time”). Gary is one example of why 14/48 works. And why it works so well. Gary is a professional carpenter who volunteers for 14/48 “because I love it.” He designs and creates and builds and pulls together set pieces, props, costume pieces, and whatever else directors, designers, and actors ask for with […]

Playwright update: Jim Jewell part 2

Email received 2:52 AM. Staring at the clock and watching the minutes tick away. Frankly convinced that this completed play I have in front of me is too weird, dark and offensive to actually convey what I’d like it to, and so the process began anew at 2:30. 21 minutes later, and I’ve got nuthin’, I tell ya.

We’re just getting started, kids.

Writer notes from Jim Jewell, 1448 Playwright. Email received 11:51 PM. I heard from my director that they had a rough day, but the hard work paid off to my mind and I was very happy with the result. The best thing about the actors and directors ballsy enough to tackle 14/48 is how much better at this than I really am they make me look.But, no good deed goes unpunished. Goddamned theme. This gig would be so fun without […]

Mazen Award winner for weekend one….

…is Christopher Nellis. RIP.