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Early Impressions from Show #5 and #6

Jennifer Jasper has a beautiful, sweet touching piece in Etymology last night. Today she has written a play called No Apologies, being directed by Hana Lass, featuring Marianna de Fazio, Marty Mukhalian and Cody Smith. In my three minutes of eavesdropping, it sounded like a play about a couple (played by Cody and Marty) struggling to raise their daughter (Marianna) with a value system they believe in. Given the theme of ‘over indulgence’, something tells me the value system might be […]

The Saturday Lineup

Friday night at 14/48 was fantastic. How will Saturday stack up? Will things get really weird when the writers tackle ‘Overindulgence’? That all remains to be seen, but here is the lineup that will answer those questions in less than ten hours. AtomicWriter – Erin StewartDirector – Keni CohenActors – Darius Pierce, Ryan Spickard, Melissa Fenwick, Sydney Tucker MacrophagesWriter – David SchmaderDirector – Anthony WinklerActors – Emma Bamford, Alyson Bedford, John Farrage The ProgramWriters – Lisa Koch & Peggy PlattDirector […]

Here we go Saturday

The writers and directors are meeting over their plays now, and it looks like Friday was so good the 14/48 gods are trying to recreate it. Three of the pairings will be the same as yesterday – Erin Stewart and Keni Cohen, Peggy Platt, Lisa Koch, and Andy Jensen, and Zoe Fitzgerald and Charles Smith. Zoe and Charles even find themselves in the same slot, closing the night. Your other pairings are David Schmader and Anthony Winkler, Keri Healey and […]

Across the Big Pond, in the Big Theatre

Say hello to Darius Pierce (virgin actor) and Emma Bamford (veteran actor). Emma Bamford and Darius PiercePhoto: Agastya Kohli Darius joins 14/48 from Portland, and Emma is a veteran of 14/48 festival held in Leicester, England. These two out-of-towners are the cast of the only two-hander show, Jennifer Jasper’s Etymology directed by virgin director John Langs. Here is a mini-interview as Emma had her lunch. AK: What is the biggest difference between 14/48 in UK and here?Emma: There are a lot more […]

lurking in play # 4

Dear Diary, I was given permission to lurk.  I didn’t want to creep out my new crush too much so I wandered away from the band and over to the rehearsal room for play #4, written by Jennifer Jasper and featuring Rob MacGregor, David Nail, Caitlin Francis and Hannah Schnabel and directed by Julia Griffin. I hear something about “breastfeeding on the left tittie”.   (The blocking is hilarious on this!) I also just heard the director say, “You know, she […]