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Saved By the Bell, the theme.

Jason Harber (Mazen) has been submitting “Saved By the Bell,” the theme, for ten years. He’s asked folks to submit by proxy, in England, in Texas, for every theme drawing opportunity. Jason moved away recently to Chicago, Ill. with his wife, Erin Kraft (Mazen). His last 14/48 was Kamikaze 360, which was my first blogging experience, here at ACT in the Allen Theatre. And now, this year, once he has moved away, his theme has been drawn. Playwrights, directors, designers, musicians, […]

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Overhead in Play 7 rehearsal: “Démoniaque”

Director Tom Milewski: “Everyone roll one to the counter clockwise and read that role now.” Oooh. So it’s second read-thru. Where some real digging in starts to happen. Playwright Doug Willot: “Do you want me here for this or should I take off? Actor Jason Harber: “Get out!” Exit the playwright. Milewski: “Let’s do a little num num num to warm us up.” Everybody at the table goes “Num num num” or otherwise vocalizes to warm up their glorious instruments. […]


Updates from Floors 1 through 3

Let’s start in the Lalie and head up from there. Ben, Sarah, Megan and MarkPhoto: Agastya Kohli Manny’s crew (Mark Boeker, Justin Huertas, Ben McFadden, Megan Ahiers and Sarah Winsor) are running through lines and finding the funny in Eric Lane Barnes’ script titled Slice of Life. The cast is enjoying the script – trying to go off book – like a fledgling chic. Manny is sitting back and enjoying the show. Up in the Allen Theatre, Peggy Gannon is […]

Tech – Show 5

Here it is… the show about Elvis and Jesus having sex. Oh shit. Now they’re giving lines to the band. Great – what next? Jesus enters from the aisle? Oh shit… what do you know. Here comes Jesus mother flerging Christ. Jason and Dante are moving seemlessly through the show. While I was sitting in the booth, Jason and I came up with a play for tonight called ‘Miracle on Ice’. The play begins with the a crack addict in […]

Tech – Show 4

In the booth with Jason and Dante. They are both hard at work making sure we get the technical needs taken care of for all of these fine shows… DAMN! I just heard another person scream! What’s with all of the screaming!?!? Show 4 is a musical and I notice Jose Amador is not on the stage during the songs. Uh oh, someone shot himself in the foot while “singing” Beatle tunes last night. There’s a mic in the booth […]

Design Visits

I spent some of my morning with Gary Menendez, a designer who has been volunteering for 14/48 for four years (“And I’ve only missed one weekend that whole time”). Gary is one example of why 14/48 works. And why it works so well. Gary is a professional carpenter who volunteers for 14/48 “because I love it.” He designs and creates and builds and pulls together set pieces, props, costume pieces, and whatever else directors, designers, and actors ask for with […]