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The Second Night – 8pm

So, the second night of the first weekend of 14/48 January 2009 is done. I’m sure Ben will come in behind me with his own fabulous blog comments about the show. Here are mine: Sold out again – great energy. Fun riffs on the theme “Liquor is Quicker.” 1. A twist on AA with four members of a different group embracing their alcoholism and the “success” it has brought them. Hilarious performances by all including Jon Lutyens as a hilarious […]


The life of a 14/48 blog contributor: Every once in a while, someone stops what they are saying, looks at me and says, “Oh, jeez, you’re blogging! You’re not going to put that on the blog, are you?” How could anyone think I would do that? Idle gossip, repeating things I’ve heard one artist say about another, telling tales – this could destroy delicate relationships that are budding here at the festival. I mean, I hear about crushes and baby […]

Stuff I Ain’t Never Seen Before

So, 14/48 participants start out all in one room and then, as the day progresses, they break up into groups and rooms and roles and finally, at about this time of day, each one is completely focused on his own process, his own task. This is how so many people miss knowing what is going on in the next room, or even in the next rehearsal. And this is how it is that I’ve never seen a band rehearsal or […]

Saturday Rehearsals

The second day of 14/48 always feels like someone picked up all the players from the night before, shook them up in a Yahtzee cup, and poured them out on the board again. Some of the players are still joined (Mark Boeker & Shawn Law, I notice, are still together – so are Tina LaPlant & Troy Fischnaller & John Lutyens). But almost everyone else has been rearranged, regrouped, refamilied. Today, the two worst rehearsal spaces from yesterday have been […]

Letters from the middle of the night – part deux

I asked the playwrights to email me in the middle of the night, in the middle of the process or when they were done, to let me know how it had gone (reminder: the theme is Liquor is Quicker) 12:48am – Paul Mullin is done. He says it has no comedy in it at all. (We’ll see.) “I had it mapped out by the time the bus dropped me off in Green Lake. It’s so obvious in retrospect. We all […]

An email from Brian Neel at 11:30

“THIS JUST IN: The team of Neel, Shipp separatedNeel lost his keys, realizing just after Shipp dropped him at his car. Neel bussed home. Shipp is wandering who knows where, mobile phoneless.” Oh boy. Becky Hellyer

The 8:00pm show

The first thing I should admit is how few times I’ve attended 14/48 when I wasn’t writing. Very few. In fact, to be honest, once. And it was before I’d ever participated. So tonight I’m reminded how fun it can be to just watch – to just enjoy – to not have any ownership of what’s about to go up on stage. It’s relaxing, it’s exciting, it’s fabulous. I’m basically loving it. How come I don’t do this more often? […]

Before the show

I’m sitting next to the stairs. Jaimie Roberts sits next to me for a minutes. She tells me she’ll be doing the second night as an actress but not the first – she couldn’t get out of work. Her theory about why it’s so calm tonight – it’s because the building is so large and rehearsal spaces didn’t have to overlap with each other so much. Not as much stress. I agree but later I think about the rehearsal spaces […]

Who photographs the photographer?

Well, I do. But not very well. John Ulman looking into his camera. Harvey on the sidebar. Becky Hellyer

It’s all about MEN

I was thinking that the venue would influence 14/48 tonight but I’ve changed my mind. I got to go around and poke my head into all the rehearsal rooms (I felt like I was playing a game of Zelda trying to find them all in the lovely maze of ACT) and I think it will be much less influenced by space than by the theme (remember: Neutralize the Threat) and the mostly male playwright pool. (Lots of male actors, too, […]