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Anyone seen her?

Erin Pike must be planning the mother of all blog posts.  She had to work an early shift at her job and she’s the theater intern at The Stranger, so you know she puts up with plenty of guff from Kiley. She’s also promised to best Brendan Kiley’s 14 or 48 Word Slog Reviews from last week: Reviewing each show in 14 or 48 SYLLABLES.  You go, gurl.  Now post some sh*t.

Where’s John?

Plays drawn 50 minutes ago…  Actors filing in…  Directors trying to flag down designers before the actor draw in ten minutes to make sure that housecoat the landlady spirit wears is “Light Green, not Honeydew, LIGHT Green.  Thank you.” Seriously, is he there?  Anyone seen this man?

The Mazen

The Mazen award is inscribed with the words, “The Mazen is awarded to veteran participants of 14/48, for their contribution to the spirit of risk-taking and camaraderie embodied in our process.” This weekend’s Mazen is awarded to the multi-talented and endlessly supportive Jose Amador! He receives the award to thunderous applause and a much-deserved standing ovation. Congrats Jose!

The dilemma of the writer: Do I overwrite my stage directions to create the clearest picture, or underwrite them so the director and actors can make the piece their own with less suggestion? Polishing my final draft right now. I can’t wait to see the costumes. Doug Willott- Writing play #1.

Your First Weekend Bloggers

3 Days to go!  Here are the 3 fine folks who will guide you through this weekend with their wit and laptops.  Gina Marie Russell is a Seattle actress, 14/48 Virgin and runs the blog Fashion Faux Passable. Erik VanBeuzekom is the co-artistic director and technical director of The Paradise Theatre School in Chimacum, WA, a 14/48 Veteran and a Mazen Award Winner. Jose Amador is the current editor of The Seattle Star, and 14/48 Veteran in acting, directing, playwriting […]