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torsion and wet panties

Dear Diary, We have reached that place of torsion that happens in the theatre.  Everything is coming together but only through an immense amount of hard work, cooperation and details, details, details. I feel a little diffuse while everyone else is extremely focused.  I see women on stage with dresses as red as a rhododendron on Mother’s Day.  There are a lot of women in this show, eighteen of them, in fact.  There is a play about Goddesses called “The […]

cherry poppin’ haiku

the excitement mountslike a bride on his husbandsoon, virgins no more

i’m willing to shave it if you want

Dear Diary, I’m back.  I took a break to eat some lunch.  There was a brief moment of calm and an odd sort of quiet as we stuffed our faces.  Soon, the Green Room was full and we were all on top of each other eating, laughing and sharing stories.  There was a lot of talk about how things were coming along and things that needed to be tweaked.  With only seven hours until showtime, everyone is showing some noticeable […]

that’s the sound of my hymen breaking

I’m sitting here at the Erickson watching Shawn Belyea setting up the playground to make sure it’s safe for the hard games to come. Right now, the virgins, or “fresh meat” are all being introduced and rushed along. Seeing all the faces peeking out to say hello and watching the beer get sloshed onto the stage is like seeing an enormous piƱata of goodness spilling out and creating excitement. As I sit here trying to listen and type, I feel […]