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K.D. our Costumer Goes For A Ride

K.D. Schill, Michael Mowery, WillAbrahamse, Dave Baldwin, Gary Menendez, Gerard MenendezPhoto by Joe Iano I got to take a walk with the amazingly talented K.D. Schill who borrowed my auto to make her costuming run.  Amy Lazerte and Charlotte Peters join K.D. for today’s costume magic.  I hope the 14/48 gods help her along like they did yesterday when Chris Ensweiler whipped out a pair of blue skivvies to round out his Spider Man costume for last night’s Act II […]

Designer Story of the Day

The designers just got back from their rounds of discussing requirements with directors. Today promises to be a more challenging day than yesterday. Designer pow wow.Photo: Agastya Kohli One of the challenges of the day is a 12 feet diameter eyrie (that’s a nest of a bird of prey as an eagle or a hawk) for Jonah Von Spreecken’s play The Eyrie at the End of the Lane. There is talk of collecting as may bare sticks and twigs and […]

Back in the Shop Area

Gerard Menendez is in the process of making some chess pieces. Knights, bishops, kings and pawns!