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There Will be (not as much) Blood

“We need a Seahawks blanket”, said one of the designers. “There should be no problem finding one of those this weekend”, said everyone else at the table. “Yes, but will people be willing to lend it to us?” Anthony Winkler directs Trick Danneker and Jesica Avellone along with the rest of the cast.Photo: Agastya Kohli “There is no blood in this show – shouldn’t be a problem!” Gary Menendez declared in a reference to the “Blood and Corpse” Saturday night […]

Design Runners have Arrived

Design runners are starting to return to the theatre and construction work has begun. I will try and sneak out of tech every so often and give you an update on the eagle’s nest and monster tentacles.  “Let me get a picture of that Michael.” “It’s not done yet”, Michael replied very sternly. I know Michael, I know. You’re not just going to put an HVAC duct on the stage and call it a tentacle! 🙂 Michael Mowery with the […]

K.D. our Costumer Goes For A Ride

K.D. Schill, Michael Mowery, WillAbrahamse, Dave Baldwin, Gary Menendez, Gerard MenendezPhoto by Joe Iano I got to take a walk with the amazingly talented K.D. Schill who borrowed my auto to make her costuming run.  Amy Lazerte and Charlotte Peters join K.D. for today’s costume magic.  I hope the 14/48 gods help her along like they did yesterday when Chris Ensweiler whipped out a pair of blue skivvies to round out his Spider Man costume for last night’s Act II […]

Another Hot Designer

Now I have the “Love in an Elevator” song stuck in my head.  How ’bout you?

Pictures, Round 1

Our wonderful photographer Joe Iano of shared some pictures with us blogger types. Beautiful Bullitt Manny and his claw share thoughts with the film crew as Alyssa Keene listens in. Andrew Murry learning lines. Table work in 8th floor rehearsal room Gary M, K.D. Schill and Paul B sorting out sets and costumes.

Rehearsals Underway

The playwrights got here first and turned in their plays. Then came the directors and designers, and started reading them. Finally, the actors were picked, scripts handed out, rehearsal spaces assigned, and Bullitt cabaret cleared out. Peggy Gannon talks to Alex Samuels,Charles Smith and Andrew Murry. They’re scattered all over ACT theatre – in Busters, in Lower Falls Lobby, in the Allen, in the Allen green room, on the 8th floor, in the Lalei and in the Bullitt dressing room […]

TECH – Expecting Bobby (or Nicole) by Joy McCullough Carranza

Gary Menendez did it… he made Tyrone’s wall. Will probably take a forklift to bring it on and off stage, but Tyrone got his wall. Alex Samuels has rang the dinner bell and the artists are beginning to gather in the staff room. 5:20… I told Brandon Whitehead that I was hitting a wall. He laughed and replied, “You? No one has sympathy for you.” Apparently I’m turning into Charlie Brown. Good grief.


MOWERY: We need a baseball glove… and some baseballs and Barbies. MENENDEZ: I think there’s some baseballs and Barbies in there. TIM HYLAND: Baseballs and Barbies? MOWERY: They throw them… the baseballs and the Barbies. MENENDEZ: Tyrone wants a wall with a flat screen TV on it… and a door… I told him we couldn’t do the door. For those of you following at home, yesterday Tyrone had a ground plan for his show which consisted of a living room, […]


Michael Mowery explaining to Gary Menendez and Carol Roscoe his “need for guns… any guns… hand guns.” This is making Gary very nervous as the picture clearly indicates.

Design Visits

I spent some of my morning with Gary Menendez, a designer who has been volunteering for 14/48 for four years (“And I’ve only missed one weekend that whole time”). Gary is one example of why 14/48 works. And why it works so well. Gary is a professional carpenter who volunteers for 14/48 “because I love it.” He designs and creates and builds and pulls together set pieces, props, costume pieces, and whatever else directors, designers, and actors ask for with […]